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Διδακτορικές διατριβές

Educational action research networks as participatory interventions

Αction research 2010

The implications of how social workers conceptualise childhood, for developing child-directed practice: an action research study in Iceland

Αction research 2008

Feminist cyberdialogics: speech-action and online community: a case study

Αction research 2007

The impact of a critical reading course in the Turkish High School context

Αction research 2005

EFL/ESP teacher development and classroom innovation through teacher-initiated action research

Αction research 1999

Understanding students' learner autonomy through practitioner research

Αction research 2011

The educational attainments and progress of children in public care

Αction research 2001

Taste, teaching and the Utah teapot : creative, gender, aesthetic and pedagogical issues surrounding the use of electronic media in art and design education : with particular reference to hypertext applications

Αction research 1994

Motivation in secondary religious education

Αction research 2006

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